Our Mission
To reduce your time spent on maintenance requests & co-owner call backs. Understanding condominium language & procedures gives Square Deal Construction a commanding edge.

  • Master deed
  • Bi-laws
  • Board of directors
  • Alteration permits
  • Common & limited elements
  • Management reports
  • Monthly & annual meetings
  • Annual meetings
  • Maintenance fees
  • Delinquencies & liens
  • Unit status reports
  • Builders warranty
  • Occupancy dates
Our understanding of the above terms dictate the type & course of action taken. This helps to eliminate mistakes with both the co-owner/association & the management company.

At Square Deal Construction we exceed your expectations.

  • Calling co-owners after receiving the work order.
  • Sending proposals within days of receiving request.
  • Arriving on time for appointments.
  • Cleaning up & removing our debris from unit/site each day.
  • Using a door card or phone call to inform co-owners when work is complete.
  • Utilizing digital pics and/or vids via email and/or text.
  • Providing detailed invoices with work order number, service date, address, site & complete description of work performed.
  • Providing standard thirty day terms.
Since 1982, we have been honest in our pricing, bidding & evaluations. We will even recommend other options or methods that may not include us. We strive to build lasting relations by guaranteeing our quality of work.

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Email Address: squaredealgus@comcast.net